August 16, 2021

On the Subject Of DAN-BALL...

Dan-Ball is a browser game website from 2006. It has an infrequently active developer who creates mostly physics based games.

I found this site a couple days ago when looking for games to download on my phone. When browsing around roguelikes, I managed to find the game Stick Rangers.

This game was extremely fun for me to play around with, as I had not found any games on the App Store with nearly as much play time.

At the time of me writing, after playing for 5 days or so, I have only made it past the first world, which is unheard of in other games.

After some scrounging around, I found out that the developer had a website called DAN-BALL. Turns out that he has been making browser games since 2006.

Several of the most popular games are Powder Game 2, 100bit, and Stick Rangers.

These are the games I would like to talk about, as they are all very much... fun? It's hard to be impressed by these games by themselves, but their age and pixel art style

has made them very endearing.

Powder Game 2 is the sequel to Powder Game. The games mechanics are extremely simple. It's a simulation sandbox game, that deals with powders.

These powders are represented with a single pixel per particle. There are powders that are unaffected by gravity (Concrete), and some with special effects (Nitro), and player characters as well.

This game even has a cloud database filled with player made places, each of them cool in their own way. This game showcases the developer's love for physics in games, as seen in his other titles.

Next on the field is 100bit. Think of it as r/place), in which people place limited numbers of pixels on a board.

In 100bit, every six hours, registered users may change a single bit, from on to off, or off to on. People can collaborate in the comments section (which exists for every game).

Right now, there is an image of unabokumori (the vocaloid artist) as well as a Harry Potter quote and assorted pixel art. Some great artists here though!

Finally, i found out about the very thing I came for, Stick Rangers! Stick Rangers is a JRPG about stickmen. The only controls in this game are drag and click.

When playing the game, you first select a class for each of your stickmen (Barbarian, mage, whipper, priest, boxer, or gunner). Each of these classes are pretty useful when used properly.

The game is an auto battler, where your stickmen attack anything within range, but you can drag them around (weee fun physics) or just let them automatically move to their opponents.

The amount of content is pretty big considering how old the game is and how it was made for the web. The art style is endearing, and the physics are so satifactory.

There is a dedicated wiki guide to the whole game, with subpages for each class and level. I think it's simply amazing how dedicated the community is!

I mean thats all I have for today, so go check it out!

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